Learn how you can use workload automation to start your bimodal transformation


According to Gartner, three out of four organizations will be at some level of bimodal maturity by 2017, with more than 40% today describing themselves as having started the bimodal journey. 

Organizations are rapidly adopting a bimodal approach to cope with new trends in technology, improve agility, reduce IT costs, and address the risks of shadow IT.

Despite these benefits, bimodal brings about several challenges. 

Before organizations can truly adopt a bimodal approach, they need to examine their existing processes and look to automation as a key driver of their bimodal transformation.

This eBook provides:

    • An Overview of Bimodal IT

    • Comprehensive List of Key Requirements of a Modern Workload Automation Solution

    • Best Practices for Implementing Workload Automation
    • Next Steps Checklist for your Bimodal Transformation

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