Is Your Automation Designed To Accommodate A Changing IT Landscape?

IT organizations are under new and increasing pressures and there isn’t enough IT staff or budget to keep up. Reliance on custom scripting or application-specific scheduling tools just adds to the complexity.

The types of processes IT organizations need to automate are expanding. IT Automation needs to be designed for a changing IT landscape to handle such areas as workload automation, IT process automation, big data/Hadoop automation, and application release automation, within a comprehensive, enterprise solution.

To effectively solve these problems, an IT automation solution needs to provide value in three key areas:

  • It needs to have a powerful automation engine that effectively scales among multiple dimensions.

  • It needs to have a rich content library of automated integrations for commonly-scripted actions.

  • It needs to have intuitive workflow design and assembly tools that make the development of business and IT workflows reliable and fast.

This White Paper, 3 Key Components of an Intelligent IT Automation Solution, will discuss this trifecta that forms the basis of an intelligent IT automation solution.

White Paper, 3 Key Components of an Intelligent IT Automation Solution for Job Scheduling and Workload Automation

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