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IT Automation Without Boundaries

IT organizations are managing an expanding number of applications, databases and technologies that are critical to the successful operations of the organization. Developers who are designing and automating end-to-end workflows in order to manage business processes are required to share and pass data while managing dependencies across systems that were never designed to work together.

As a result, many IT organizations must rely on creating custom scripts to integrate these systems in order to effectively run their business. However, custom script creation is time consuming, error prone and expensive. Therefore IT organizations are using workload automation solutions to simplify workflow development to reduce errors from manual operations, improve service levels and ultimately reduce the cost of IT operations.

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The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling

This eBook offers help to professionals who must schedule jobs on multiple applications, servers and platforms within their organization and also serves as a workload automation best practices guide.

  • Dealing with IT Complexity
  • Defining Job Requirements
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Resource Management
    ... and much more!

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The Total Economic Impact of ActiveBatch
a Study Conducted by Forrester Consulting

Get the framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of ActiveBatch on your organization. Forrester's aim is to clearly show all calculations and assumptions used in the analysis.

  • Cost and Cost Reduction
  • Benefits to the Entire Organization
  • ROI: 139%
  • Payback Period: 4.6 Months
    ... and much more!

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Solutions for Automation IT Job Scheduling

Get insight to conquering challenges associated with trying to coordinate tasks across disparate technologies and solutions.

  • Making Business Intelligence Data Useable
  • Multiple Protocols at Play and How to Manage their Integration
  • Reusing IT Jobs In a Plan and Reusing IT Plans in a Workflow
    ... and much more!

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How to Achieve a Near Real-Time Data Warehouse

Data warehouses are no longer simply the repositories of business data. Learn how to achieve a near real-time data warehouse using job scheduling software.

  • Democratization of Business Intelligence Applications
  • Produce Revenues and Control Costs
  • Employees at all Levels Use Business Intelligence
    ... and much more!

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