A Look Into Automating FTP and Batch Processes - White Paper

The Need to Automate Complex Workflows

If you depend on FTP to move information within your company, with vendors and customers, you are always on the lookout for flexibility in order to automate these processes without manual intervention. Or maybe you just want a better approach to using FTP without having to create and maintain hundreds or even thousands of batch scripts? Building more scripts and looking for different automation triggers using senior development resources, that are both costly and scarce, is not the answer.

This white paper will offer an alternative approach to automating and managing FTP processes that can share data and manage dependencies with other business workloads - saving both time and expensive resources from having to generate additional batch scripts.

Managed File Transfer Processes

Learn from Others

You will also learn how three organizations (Cincinnati Bell, SBA Communications and Precision Dialogue) have found a workload automation solution that enabled them to achieve the answers to the following questions - and many others.

FTP Whitepaper User Successes


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