IT is the heart of the business

Today's IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. Never before have IT organizations been under so much pressure to accommodate business and IT change.

Legacy job scheduling solutions are not designed for change

Legacy job schedulers increase complexity and create barriers to automating business and IT operational processes. The results are higher operational costs, increased risk, and decreased productivity and service levels.

We have a better solution

ActiveBatch Enterprise IT Automation and Job Scheduling provides IT organizations with a solution that takes an Architectural, Layered Approach to automation. ActiveBatch IT Automation is designed to more easily accommodate change to your workloads based on business, technology, and regulatory requirements, as well as decrease cost, mitigate risk, and reduce complexity.

Learn more with our ActiveBatch Enterprise IT Automation and Job Scheduling Solutions Kit:

  • White Paper: Why IT Automation Solutions Need to be Designed for Change
  • eBook: The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling
  • IT Automation Checklist: Workload Automation Capabilities & Requirements
  • Redefining IT Automation: An Overview of ActiveBatch
  • Access to our ActiveBatch IT Automation Video Resources Library