ActiveBatch V12 Capabilities Webinar

Fast. Intelligent. Dynamic.

Built for a fast‐paced, evolving IT landscape, ActiveBatch Version 12 introduces new, powerful, and extensive automation functionalities for improved agility, reliability, and speed. ActiveBatch V12 unlocks the power of machine learning and data analytics to deliver organizations the capabilities they need to innovate beyond the competition.

New capabilities driving innovation include:

  • Template Reporting capabilities provide highly customizable reports that enable users to analyze all objects and properties within ActiveBatch for comprehensive governance and compliance.
  • Workload Optimization delivers users insight about what causes workloads to delay before being dispatched. Reduce bottlenecks, lessen slack time, optimize workflow performance.
  • Dynamic, User-Defined Queue Characteristics evaluate Execution Queues at Job run time to determine which machine meets the exact specifications necessary for the successful execution of the Job.
  • Heuristic Queue Allocation applies Machine Learning to predict the optimal allocation of future Execution Queues, distributing Job load and minimizing slack time and idle machine resources. This provides for scalability.
  • ActiveBatch Mobile Ops App (iOS and Android) allows secure access to ActiveBatch for quick response to issues while on-the-go. Contextual push notifications provide direct links to issues within ActiveBatch, letting users focus on specific workflows that require corrective action.

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