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Are You Facing SQL Server and SSIS Automation Limitations?

You can gain operational advantages with not only your SQL Server processes, but have end-to-end visibility and control of automation throughout the enterprise! Want to know how one company cut batch times by 55% while improving processing success rates by 216%?

Expand the Power of SQL Server through IT Automation
Transform Your SQL Server Scheduling

Get your guide for faster, easier, and more powerful ways to connect SQL Server to processes across your IT Environment. This guide will cover:

  • Simplifying SQL Server Integrations
    • Use pre-built, proven building blocks to quickly and easily assemble workflows that incorporate and integrate SQL Server processes with other SQL Server Processes as well as non-SQL Server functions, providing end-to-end visibility and full control of your automated processes.
  • Enhancing Your SQL Server Scheduling and Automation
    • With improved alerting & monitoring, when a problem occurs, users are not only notified of the situation, but also directed immediately to the specific workflow component in which the failure occurred.
    • With capabilities such as References and Variables, users can save time and simplify management and maintenance throughout the entire IT environment.
  • Cutting Batch Times and Improving Success Rates
    • Read how two major enterprises used intelligent automation to improve their SQL Server Scheduling, seeing results like cutting batch times by 55% and improving success rates by 216%.

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