EMA Webinar Replay: 3 Essential Keys to Redefining IT Automation for Digital Business Success

Digital business success requires an organization to transform not only its business processes but its underlying IT infrastructure as well.

Digital business requires speed, agility, and strategy. Teams burdened with disconnected legacy tools and pockets of uncoordinated automation struggle to achieve speed and agility, and they lack the time for strategizing.

An intelligent IT automation strategy starts with a new mindset about the role of automation in the organization. Automation should be coordinated with an overall view of automation functions that span operations, development, and business functions. Self-service interfaces, DevOps empowering APIs, and reusable objects deliver speed and agility. Freed from repetitive manual tasks and empowered with visibility, IT and business staff can turn their attention to strategically applying digitalization to the business. Are you ready to redefine how you think about IT automation?

Watch the webinar replay featuring Dan Twing, President & COO of EMA, and Ben Rosenberg, President of ASCI, to discover:

  • How status quo operations will hold you back
  • The perceived and actual role of automation in the organization
  • The benefits of an intelligent IT automation strategy
  • The power of predictive analytics
  • Why automation is at the core of digital business success

Watch The Webinar!