Your My ASCI Team Lead is responsible for the user management of your organization's My ASCI Account. A Team Lead can create, modify, or delete other My ASCI users, including Support and General Users.

For Organizations with an ActiveBatch Academy Training Subscription: Your My ASCI Team Lead is responsible for assigning your organization’s Training Subscription Users.

Below are the three new My ASCI designations and their privileges. Please note that those permissions designated with a * symbol require an active Support Agreement.

  • My ASCI General Users (unlimited number of users) search the Knowledgebase*, view open and closed support cases*, join the ASCI Forum, and take a training course*. There is no limit to your organization’s number of My ASCI General Users.
  • My ASCI Support Users (limit based on your Account’s Support Plan) have all the permissions outlined above as well as the ability to submit and respond to new Technical Support cases*.
  • My ASCI Team Leads (one per account) have all the permissions outlined above as well as the ability to create and manage My ASCI Users and user roles.

Important Notes:

  • An organization may have only one Team Lead.
  • The Team Lead must be an individual person with a business email address and cannot be a generic or shared email account.

Once your request is received, our Administration Department will process the requested changes and will send you a confirmation when the changes have been made.

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