The Challenge: Despite the benefits of the cloud, managing and monitoring virtual and cloud resources poses a significant challenge for businesses. 

The Solution: Resource Provisioning Through Automation
Expand the Power of SQL Server through IT Automation
Solving the Cloud Resource Management Problem with IT Automation

Start Solving Your Cloud Resource Management Problem
This white paper will show you how automation can help maximize your virtual and cloud investments.

Cloud computing is delivering a host of benefits to today’s businesses such as improved accessibility, better scalability for changing business needs, and the flexibility of having resources available in the amount you need them, when you need them, is indispensable.

Despite the benefits of virtual/cloud computing, organizations are overspending on IT budgets and eating up costs from leaving the lights on with idle resources.

This White Paper will help redefine the way you manage cloud resources: 

  • Optimize IT Spending and reduce the need for manual intervention
  • Intelligently provision servers based on past usage and forecasted workloads
  • Automatically spin up systems to match workflow needs and spin down idle systems
  • Minimize the risk of SLA and critical deadline breaches