Ralph Paparo, Sr. Director of Data Warehouse at Mediacom Communications, adopted the company slogan – The Power to Simplify – for their data warehouse strategy. This strategy, The Everything Strategy, has resulted in improved coordination, performance, and end-to-end visibility of processes and their outcomes.

Prior to adopting a holistic approach to automating their processes, Ralph and his team faced many of the same obstacles that others are experiencing such as:

  • Lack of agility due to a distributed environment
  • Daily failures
  • Limited visibility
  • Long batch windows at risk of running into the next day’s batch run
  • Biggest problem: Performance evaluation

To overcome these obstacles, Mediacom set out to implement an automation framework and create a holistic plan to improve operations. The strategy and its implementation can be applied to any organization looking for better visibility, performance, and agility.

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The Everything Strategy: 5 Essentials of Effective Data Warehouse Automation