Transform your SQL Server scheduling.

From SQL Server Silos to Enterprise IT Automation

With the growing complexity of today's IT environments and increasingly real-time business demands, IT organizations are looking to automate and integrate Microsoft SQL Server functions as part of larger data center processes that span multiple servers.

As job dependencies become more complex, leveraging a collection of SQL Server Agent stored procedures with expensive custom scripting to execute these processes becomes increasingly error-prone and time consuming, thereby negatively impacting IT service levels.















If you or your team are: 

Logging into numerous SQL Servers to manually execute database processes, such as database backups, Transact-SQL Scripts, etc...

Using handshakes and flags to coordinate dependencies between SQL Server jobs

Managing multiple job scheduling tools, like SQL Server Agent, Task Scheduler, Cron, etc... to complete processes

In need of improving SLA performance and lacking a central point of control from which to manage and monitor workflows

Experiencing failures that go unnoticed until after the business is impacted due to a lack of alerting or not being able to create help desk tickets on the fly

Then, this White Paper is for you!

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